Things to Do

Al Bayda’a Park

The perfect destination for campers and nature lovers in Madinah. Located northwest of Madinah, this park attracts visitors from all over Saudi Arabia. Wildlife enthusiasts can pitch tents, set bonfires and enjoy a unique camping experience along with hiking and climbing trails suitable for all family members.

Mount Uhud

Majestically standing amidst the plains and valleys, Mount Uhud is considered an important destination for pilgrims looking to admire the imposing castles and rock engravings. The mountain is distinguished by its red colour due to the density of red granite stones, and it features several ancient caves in addition to a group of rare plants and herbs.

Hejaz Railway Station

The Hejaz Railway was stablished in 1900 to create a connection between the capital of the Ottoman Empire and Hejaz, the site of the holiest shrines of Islam and the holy city of Makkah, It’s main objective was to facilitate transportation for Muslim worshippers and pilgrims instead of camel caravans. Today, the station is a main tourist attraction that features a memorial to symbolise the historical importance of the station.

King Abdullah Economic City

Visiting Madinah with your family? Don’t miss out on a chance to visit KAEC city, its unique modern atmosphere and green stretches, which makes it the ideal destination for family picnics. The city is also equipped with various hiking and bike trails, and provides easy access to various popular Red Sea beaches.

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